LARA Officers Meeting Minutes – August 11, 2020

LARA Officers Meeting Minutes August 11, 2020


Meeting called to order at 5:37PM by Mike Reitz, W5EVT, President.

Quorum was established.

Officers present: Mike Reitz, W5EVT; Ron Ford, KF5OMH; Michelle Sanford, KI5AHI; Jay

Sanford, KE5BCP; and Roger Carver, AE5EZ.

Appointee present: Steve Kline, W5JK.

Visiting member present: Johnathon, NE5J.

Meeting Minutes: Mike, W5EVT mentioned an update for the 07/14/20 meeting minutes.
Minutes were accepted with additional update by Michelle Sanford, KI5AHI.

Treasurer Report: presented by Ron Ford, KF5OMH.

Membership renewal status: We have no new members this month. Current total is 53
Dues $12.50
Donations $14.50
Total Income $27.00
Paypal Fees $1.03
Miscellaneous $0.00
Total Expenses: $0.00
Petty Cash: $2.00
PayPal: $23.97
Bank Balance: $3,160.94
For Sale $240.00
Total Assets: $4,444.72
LARA Net Value: $7,631.63
The Treasurers’ Report was accepted as read in the officers meeting.
Mike got an email from ARRL to pay club insurance. Ron will pay direct.

Vice President Report: Jay Sanford, KE5BCP
Meeting presentations update:

August – Tom Schussler, N5HYP on AMSAT
September – Dale Finley, KB5NFT Part 1 of DMR/DStar/Fusion Hotspots
October – TBD
November – Aaron Hulett, K8AMH on National Traffic System

Jay will contact the Youth Coordinator for a future presentation. It will possibly be in 2021 due
to her schedule.
Technical Report: Roger Carver, AE5EZ
Roger put together a presentation for an All-Star link with node numbers and how to get set
up. He will give that presentation on Saturday at the club meeting.

Operations Report: Jim Lavin, K5VZ (not present)

Mike gave an update and indicated we will cancel the public JOTA function this year. We may
have something virtual.
Public Information Officer: Mike Weston, KI5DLF (not present)
Nothing to report tonight.

News Letter/Blog – Johnathon, NE5J

Johnathon provided information on the club blog which allows for edits to content. It allows
the club to keep the information current and is always available. The information can be
sorted by categories and document files can be saved off the blog. You can add pictures,
leave comments, share to social media, and require password or membership to comment.
A hyperlink can be added to the club website to access the blog. Edits are easy to make and

Officers discussed the options to keep the current website in place and add the blog link or to
potentially create a new website on WordPress and incorporate with the blog. It can be
hosted on GoDaddy or WordPress.
A club knowledge base section can be added using WordPress to the website as a location to
find helpful articles or videos.

Mike expressed concern with using an individual’s server to host the website. Users can be
assigned to the WordPress site. Mike recommends we incorporate the blog feature into the
current website on GoDaddy. Johnathon can hold a learning session for users who need to
make updates. We will use access levels including Admin and Editor access.
WordPress supports PayPal if needed.

We will make the recommendation to membership in the meeting on Saturday that we attach
the blog link to our current website.

VEC Report: Steve Kline, W5JK

No updates on testing.
There will be in person testing at the Mentor Fest in October, the weekend before JOTA.

Old Business:


New Business:

Park fees for JOTA will be refunded.

Net – Hear continuous static on the net control station. Look at options to improve the
conditions. We may need to make it a requirement than an HT not be used for net control.

Update – Mike, W5EVT will be leaving Lewisville effective October. He will step down from
President and will turn the club over to Jay at the October meeting. Bylaws require that we
elect a Vice President. Mike will make the announcement at the meeting on Saturday.

Officers meeting – September 15th

Club meeting – September 19th


Mike Reitz, W5EVT, President adjourned the meeting. 6:53pm

Minutes submitted:

Michelle Sanford, KI5AHI

LARA Officers Meeting Minutes 2000-08-11