Meeting Minutes – June 20, 2020

LARA Meeting Minutes, June 20, 2020

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President, Mike Reitz, W5EVT, called the meeting to order at 8:01AM. Pledge of Allegiance to U.S.A.
A quorum was established.


Officers in Attendance:

President: Mike Reitz, W5EVT

Vice President: Jay Sanford, KE5BCP Treasurer: Ron Ford, KF5OMH Secretary: Michelle Sanford, KI5AHI Operations Officer: Jim Lavin, K5VZ Technical Officer: Roger Carver, AE5EZ


Appointees in Attendance:

VEC Officer: Steve Kline, W5JK


Members in Attendance:

Marty Wells, KM5OI Mike Asselta, KD0CDQ Johnathon Allread, NE5J Ron Swain, KG5VIV Dale Finley, KB5NFT Clark Highsmith, K5LGX David Jackson, W5YS Jim Pier, K5IWT

Bill McNichols, WM1MM


Guests in Attendance: 



Meeting Minutes for Last Meeting

Minutes from the previous meeting 05/12/20 were emailed out on 5/14/20. No corrections were called for.

Meeting Minutes were accepted as reported via email.


Treasurer’s Report – Ron Ford, KF5OMH


LARA Treasure’s Report – June 16, 2020


Checking Account
Beginning Balance $3,108.77
Dues $12.50
Miscellaneous (adjustments) $150.00
Total Income $162.50
PayPal Fees $0.66
Miscellaneous $118.00
Total Expenses $118.66
Ending Balance $3,152.61
Petty Cash (included in balance) $31.50


For Sale $0.00
Stock (not for sale) $4,195.73
Loaner Equipment $0.00
Total Assets $4,070.73



All treasury accounts have been transferred over to Ron. Treasurers’ report was accepted as stated/presented.

One new member – Jim Pier, K5IWT Membership: 53 members.


Vice President – Jay Sanford, KE5BCP Presentations:

June: – Dale Finley, KB5NFT, on RIG/PI

July: – Samiee Espinosa, WX5JMD, on weather radar Aug: – Tom Schussier, N5HYP, on AMSAT

Sept: – Dale Finley, KB5NFT, on Hotspots -or- possible Aaron Hulett, K8AMH (Jay will verify).


Technical Report: Roger Carver, AE5EZ

HF Filter status: The filters should be here early next week. We will use them for field day.

All made by W5NVN and are the same design and same filter. Roger is still working to obtain an 80. Roger transferred club radio equipment over to Jim, K5VZ this week to use for field day.

Club computers may need to be updated with the operating system ahead of the event. Wednesday Net Coordination is going well.


Operations Report: Jim Lavin, K5VZ

Summer Field Day: Jim reminded us that we have an ARRL (summer) Field Day on June 27 & 28th. A 2A station will be set up at Jim’s residence, 4611 Birch St.

Jim discussed details for the operating classes. All battery operation needs to be 5 watts or less. Home station operators can contact other 1D stations this year as an exception.

More information can be found on the ARRL site. Available bands 160, 80, 40, 20, 15, 10, 6 meters and up. There are opportunities for bonus points.

If able to transmit via winLink, we’ll get 100 points. Each QSO will count towards your points.

Jim will send out reminders next week for times individuals signed up. If operators submit their log to ARRL directly, they get 50 points extra. There is 100 points for promoting field day via social media.

Points are received for ARRL officials visiting our station, Mike will visit.

Point for local officials visiting the station – Neil Ferguson, city councilman, Lewisville. Club objective is to have fun and learn!

Sign up for the time-slots is on the website, there is a link for field day.


Pubic Information Report: Mike Weston, KI5DLF (not present)

Mike has put stuff on FB promoting field day. He sent out press releases about field day to news outlets.


VEC Report: Steve Kline, W5JK

No new updates on testing. We will take a look at the environment situation in the fall. If the current state goes beyond the third quarter, he will look at alternative options.


Newsletter Editor: Johnathon Allread, NE5J

It was decided to use a blog as an option over a newsletter. Blog posts will always be there and can be searched. The blogging software through GoDaddy is outdated. We can look at using WordPress, the best blogging software out there. We can create a link on our website to the blog. In the future, we could look at incorporating the blog and website into WordPress. Johnathon has the software installed and will work on putting the blog together.

There is no expense related to the blog unless we opt to use a paid theme.


Old Business

No old business.


New Business

Excess Inventory, Mike, W5EVT

The club voted to liquidate those assets. They will be listed on the website for purchase and available to any club members that want them.


Announcements & Upcoming Events

LARA Information and Help Net – each Wednesday @ 1900 on the 145.17 repeater ARES Training Net – 3rd Thurs. @ 1930 on 146.92 repeater

SATERN Net – each Tues. @ 1900 on 146.92 repeater

LARA ARRL (Summer Field Day) June 27 & 28

Special Event Stations – Check QST pg. 82 and/or ARRL web site

Check the WA7BNM Contest Calendar, ARRL Web Site and QST Magazine for other fun things to do while we are sheltering in place

HamCom 2020 CANCELED

Memorial/Funeral Service for Jim, WB8YWA – Wed, July 8 at 10am, limit 100 It will move to the national cemetery at 12:30pm, limit 40

13 Colonies: July 1, 0800 – July 7, 1100 Local time


Next Officer Meeting July 13, 2020

Next Business Meeting July 18 2020



Meeting was adjourned by Mike Reitz, W5EVT, President at 8:59am.



Dale Finley, KB5NFT gave a great presentation on RIG/PI. Thanks, Dale!

Minutes submitted:

Michelle Sanford, KI5AHI, Secretary June 20, 2020