Lewisville Amateur Radio Association (L.A.R.A.)

Membership Information

  • All Persons interested in amateur radio are eligible for membership.
  • Full membership is open to any applicant who holds a current amateur license
  • Associate membership is open to any applicant not holding a current amateur radio license.
  • Yearly dues are $25.00 for an individual.
  • Yearly dues are $30.00 for a family membership.
  • Yearly dues are $25.00 for Non-Licensed Associate members
  • The club year for dues purposes is January – December. Persons joining after July 1 are assessed 50% of the above fees.
  • Membership dues can be paid via PayPal using one of the links below.


Click on the .pdf file below and download the application. The application can be completed on the screen after downloading then printed. After it is complete the application can be emailed to the club at w5lvc.club@gmail.com or delivered per the instructions at the bottom of the application form.

Membership Fee

Single $25.00, Family $30.00,

Non-licensed Associate $25.00

Half Year Single $12.50,

Half Year Family $15.00, Half Year Associate $12.50